New York, June 9 2016


Now in its sixth year, the Corporate Counsel Congress harnesses the expertise of Lexology and International Law Office to deliver a unique forum for the exchange of ideas on risk management, horizon issues and geopolitical challenges. Focused on providing practical tools and takeaways for in-house lawyers, there will be no better opportunity in 2016 to debate and discuss the most pressing issues facing international and domestic businesses.

With a speaking faculty composed of chief legal officers, regulators and expert industry commentators, this event welcomes delegates from all walks of in-house life. We believe that bringing together a true cross-section of the international corporate counsel community is the best way to deliver true insight and measureable progress within the profession. We hope to see you there.


Devised for a diverse audience of forward-looking corporate counsel, this year’s programme will be more interactive than ever before. Using exercises and breakouts, alongside more traditional plenary sessions, this year’s topics will include:

  • cybercrime and data breach;
  • practical tips for conducting internal investigations;
  • crisis management;
  • geopolitical and legal overviews from the most challenging markets; and
  • work area roundtables – cross-border concerns in intellectual property and employment.


Speakers at the Corporate Counsel Congress 2016 will include:

  • Patricia Prince-Taggart, senior vice president, chief counsel, CA Technologies;
  • Relani Belous, senior vice president, general counsel, Penthouse Global Media Inc;
  • Judy McCool, senior vice president, legal affairs, Home Box Office Inc;
  • Peter Spivack, partner, Hogan Lovells US LLP;
  • John Trani, general counsel, HookLogic Inc.


“This highly beneficial event has become a standing agenda item in my June calendar year on year.”
Jonathan Maphosa
Assistant general counsel
South African Reserve Bank

“Thank you for arranging such a fabulous Global Counsel Congress and awards dinner. Both events were spectacular and quite memorable.”
Nancy L Cohen
Vice president and senior division counsel
The Estee Lauder Companies Inc

“I really liked the panel format. It kept things interesting and gave a nicely diverse perspective. I found more than one key point that I took away from each panel. Excellent topics and excellent speakers who had a lot of real-world experience. I especially appreciated the perspectives of the in-house counsel.”
Martha L Rees
Vice president and assistant general counsel